Redemption Hill Church
In the city, for the city

Our Values



Redemption Hill Church exists to glorify God through gospel-centered worship, gospel-shaped community, and gospel-driven mission.




Redemption Hill Church seeks to join the movement of the gospel in bringing personal transformation and cultural renewal by equipping, training, and resourcing people to join the advance of Jesus Christ’s mission in DC and, through it, to other cities throughout the world.



Core Values

Gracious Hospitality

Redemption Hill is a family that graciously welcomes people into loving community. At its core the gospel is a celebration that welcomes all people into the family of God through Jesus Christ. Redemption Hill is a family that is generous, thoughtful, and warm, welcoming people into community and celebrating God’s grace together.


Unified Diversity

Redemption Hill is a community made more beautiful by its diversity. The transcultural gospel of Jesus Christ shapes Redemption Hill into community of people from a diversity of backgrounds, socio-economic positions, neighborhoods, regions, political ideologies, and ethnicities – all woven together into a beautiful tapestry. We are closed-handed on matters of biblical orthodoxy, but open-handed and generous on non-essentials that otherwise might divide. In all things our identity is in Jesus Christ.


Empowered Membership

Redemption Hill is committed to intentionally equip members of the church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to do the work of ministry. Redemption Hill equips and resources members to pursue their passions and gifts as they join Jesus on His mission in our city. Ministry at Redemption Hill is deeply contextualized and reliant on the Holy Spirit to wake up sleepy Christians, save nominal Christians, and reach lost people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.