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Work for the Common Good





Work for the Common Good

August 4, 2013

Work may be the single greatest obsession of our city, and even for many in Redemption Hill Church. It consumes our time, our thoughts, our emotions, even our identity. Work can be the idol of our souls, the bane of our existence, or just a means to get to the weekend. Over a six week series, we explore God’s view of work and see that our work matters.

What does it look like, practically, to engage in work as God designed us? What does it mean to work for God’s glory? How can we contribute to the good of all people through our work? These are some of the questions addressed in the third week of the series, Work Matters.  As we have seen, God designed us to work and join Him in forming, filling, and cultivating His creation. We rarely experience the fullness of God’s design because of the brokenness of this world, but there is hope.

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