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Faith in the Workplace





Faith in the Workplace

August 11, 2013

Work may be the single greatest obsession of our city, and even for many in Redemption Hill Church. It consumes our time, our thoughts, our emotions, even our identity. Work can be the idol of our souls, the bane of our existence, or just a means to get to the weekend. Over a six week series, we explore God’s view of work and see that our work matters.

This Sunday Pastor Bill digs into the issue of faith in the workplace. This is where the rubber meets the road for most Christians. What does it look like to live out the Gospel and be a missionary into our city and into your workplace? Why is it important at all?

Ultimately, we will see that the church (that’s us) is God’s plan to advance His Gospel and we, empowered by the Holy Spirit, have a great opportunity and responsiblity to allow ourselves to be used by Him to save souls and transform our city.

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