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Meet RHC: Alvin Richburg


Alvin Richburg is a cyber security consultant who moved to DC from Texas two and a half years ago because a good job opportunity came up and he had always wanted to live here. He and his wife, Quiana, and their two kids found Redemption Hill shortly thereafter, and Alvin now wears several leadership hats (and even his metaphorical hats have Patriots logos on them)! He leads the Navy Yard CG with Quiana, and is the deacon of the Tech Team - a role he mostly taught himself on the fly once he started serving. Alvin shares, “God has surrounded me with incredible people and allowed me to stop running away from opportunities to serve in the church. Prayerfully deciding to serve has enriched my life with so many great opportunities to meet people both in and outside of the church.”

Redemption Hill Church