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God's Hand at Work: Lisa's Story

Lisa graduated from Minnesota State University in July 2014 with thoughts of her next step already in mind. Growing up in central Minnesota, she’d had her fill of the cold and snow. It was time to get out. At that point, being a new graduate, she was offered a job as a speech-language pathologist in Minneapolis. It was a great opportunity but she had the overwhelming sense of “not now” and, rather than take the job, she turned it down.

Instead, she set her sights to Washington, D.C. where her sister lived. Lisa moved across the country for a new job and started life on her own. At first it was difficult, like most moves are, and she felt overwhelmed. She knew her sister, but that was it. Soon though, she joined Redemption Hill Church and started making friends and connections in the city. Things were going well.

Then, at the end of February 2015, in the middle of the afternoon, the alarm system in her apartment went off with a shrieking wail. Due to the sprinkler system malfunctioning, her entire apartment flooded. Devastated, Lisa gathered what she could and moved in with her sister for a month while her apartment was being completely redone.

Settled in with her sister, she got back to life and work. The job that she’d taken upon moving to D.C. wasn't going well and she was waiting to finish her Clinical Fellowship to look elsewhere for work. It had been a week and a half since the apartment flooding when she got an email from her boss. The company she was working for was shutting down immediately as of that morning. To make matters worse, all employees forfeited two and a half weeks of salary and all of the benefits, insurance, and vacation time they had accrued.

No apartment. No job. No paycheck.

Lisa, with an admitted penchant toward stress, was dealt a powerful blow. Her plans were gone. Not only were tangible things in her life taken away, but her security and backup plans were being attacked as well.

On a trip to the gutted apartment, Lisa looked around the now empty room. She’d had a conversation with her mom back home and the reality of the situation was sinking in. This wasn’t ideal and it wasn’t what she’d imagined with her big move to D.C.

But, in the midst of her trails, she saw the water stained apartment with new eyes. An overwhelming sense of peace rushed over her and she thought, “God must have a plan for this. I don't know what, but He's in control.” Friends at church commented on her misfortune but she was able to reply with a surreal sense of peace about it all. This was okay. She knew that God was in control and this was all in His plans to further His kingdom.

Through a connection at Redemption Hill, Lisa heard of a job opening in her field. Her previous job ended suddenly on a Wednesday, she met with a new employer on Saturday, and received a job offer that Monday. The next thing she knew, she was walking into her new position—one that was actually created just for her—mere days after losing her old job. Only a few weeks later the temporary position they’d created for her became full time when a slot opened up. The timing couldn’t have been more amazing or more perfectly aligned.

During this time, Lisa was reading through Ruth and part of the She Reads Truth devotional stuck out to her: "Thing is, none of this was happenstance. The hand of a gracious God led Naomi back to Bethlehem and led Ruth to go with her. The hand of a gracious God led Ruth to Boaz's fields that first day and turned Boaz's heard toward the hard-working widow from a foreign land. What appeared as coincidence was God's hand at work."

Lisa looks back on this time in her life with a mixture of amazement and gratitude. It’s not that she would have chosen how things happened, but she’s already seen the blessings of them. Through her month long stay with her sister Lisa was able to share more about God’s grace with her and her girlfriend. She’s also been able encourage others with her story and its testament to how God takes care of us despite difficult situations.

In her own life, Lisa has seen the amazing work of the Lord in her heart, giving her peace in the midst of trial. She has truly seen His hand at work in her life.