We are so grateful for the many that serve at RHC. Our Sunday Gatherings couldn't happen without the sacrificial service of our members. We've covenanted to be obligated to one another and to "support the church sacrificially in service and finance." 

Could you help more? Below are a few ways you can serve. Consider your gifts or where you need to be stretched and reach out to the Deacon of that team about how you can join their team. If you would like and are willing, you can serve in multiple areas. For example, you can greet the first Sunday of the month, serve in Kids Worship during the third Sunday. Or setup communion before service and pray for others during communion at the end of service. 

If there are other ways you'd like to help that aren't on this list, please reach out to Jess Mitchell.


Kids Worship | Position Details

Each week we have a number of kids, ages 0-11 who need to be cared for and taught during our worship service. If you would be willing to help out one time per month in this area and teach kids about the richness of the gospel, please apply above. 
Members only. Background check required.



The hospitality team is responsible for communion, creating a warm and welcoming environment at RHC, as well as making sure our meeting space is clean when we leave. This is a minimal time commitment but requires coming to the church early to get things ready and then sticking around after worship to pack everything away. They also help with events where food is involved organizing what to bring and the setup and teardown. 


Tech Team

This behind the scenes ministry is vital to RHC, enabling all of us who attend the Sunday worship service to hear and see what God has for us each week. Do you have experience in this area or would you like to learn? Apply above.


Greeters | Position Details

The first people you see when you enter RHC are the greeting team. These individuals smile, shake hands, & warmly welcome every person who walks through the doors. During service, they collect the offering. 


Prayer During Communion

After the sermon, there are times when people need someone to talk to or would like to be prayed for. Volunteers during the first 3 songs after the sermon.
Members only.



Each week it takes a dedicated group of individuals who provide their time and talents to Redemption Hill Church’s Security Team in order to ensure the safety of the congregation. 
Background check required.


Worship Team

Worship through song is an essential part of our weekly worship service. If you are a musician or a vocalist and would like to use your gifting on our worship team please apply above.
Audition required.