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Church Planting Residency

The RHC Church Planting Residency is a church planter training program. It is designed for called and qualified church planters to complete prior to full-time church planting work. The Church Planting Residency aims to equip the resident by instilling in him the theological and ecclesiological foundation needed to plant and lead a local church, and by providing opportunities to observe how these foundations are lived out in the life of Redemption Hill Church. The Church Planting Residency includes supervised ministry experience, a mentoring relationship, personalized training and assignments, and assessments at the beginning, 6-month, and year-end that will serve to refine the resident’s understanding of his calling and future direction.

Interested? If you meet the requirements in the position description, send your resume and information to Then fill out the initial application and the Theological Questionnaire below. It may be best to work on the Theology Questionnaire offline and copy and paste your answers so that you don't risk losing information along the way.