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Acts 21:1-16 - Walking in the Spirit

This Sunday we will jump into the fourth and final section of the book of Acts. The major theme of this section is that The Story Continues. The same Spirit continues to advance the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are part of the story God has written and continues to write. Acts 21:1-16 starts off Paul's journey back to Jerusalem. It's a crazy section. People around Paul claim to be hearing from the Holy Spirit and do some bizarre things, like tying themselves up with his belt. Paul continues on in the face of it. We are going to take time on Sunday to approach the question of what we do when Christians come to different conclusions while pursuing the will of the same Spirit of God. How do we deal with disagreement? How do we walk in step with the Spirit, or with any confidence that we are actually following Him?

Kelsey Bethune