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Habakkuk 1:12-2:5 – The Righteous Live by Faith

Last week we saw the despair of the prophet’s complaint, and that what he saw continues to reverberate through today – that violence, wickedness, and injustice are everywhere and it can feel like God is distant from it all. God’s answer was that He is active, and has a plan, but that we wouldn’t believe it if we knew what He was doing. This week we see that God laid out His plan to Habakkuk, and it seemed, at least to the prophet, to be a very bad plan! This is so often the case in our own experience. Even if we believe and accept that God is engaged and working in our world, and in our lives, it can feel like His plan just doesn’t make sense. This weekend we will see where we can find hope and how we can make sense of God’s plans, even when they don’t mesh with our own.

Jessica Mitchell