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Passion 2017






Easter is the biggest celebration of the year for Christians. It’s the celebration of the death of death in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sin and death have been forever defeated by Him!

This year Redemption Hill Church is going to take 8 weeks to be immersed in the end of Luke’s Gospel. Everything builds toward our celebrations of Good Friday and Easter Sunday in April and then continues with the resurrected Christ.

We wanted to go beyond Sundays as we engaged with Jesus’ Passion this year so our team has developed a great tool for you. We have printed and digital booklets to guide us all through this season together. These booklets were beautifully designed by RHC Members and include weekly devotionals written by RHC Members to help prepare your heart each week for the upcoming Sunday. As they prepare your heart for Sunday, you will be able to more fully engage God’s preached Word and then follow up that week in a fuller discussion with your Community Group.

But that’s not all! Because our church has a strong Theology of Food, a recipe will follow each week’s devotional. While it would be difficult to gather together for meals each of the 8 weeks, CGs can participate by making the recipe each week so we are sharing one meal at different tables. 

In all of this our hope is that our affections will be stirred as we reflect on Jesus’ Passion.

Good Friday, April 14

Throughout the ages, the church has gathered on the Friday before Easter to remember the path Christ took to the cross. Good Friday is an invitation for us to stop and reflect upon Jesus as He lived out the lowest of human experience. It is a call to sit in the dust, hand in hand with our own doubts and sorrows. This Good Friday, we gather as a church to reflect upon the sufferings of Christ, see the great cost of our sin, and foster an anticipation for Easter Sunday.  

Join us for special evening on April 14 at 7:00pm for prayer, worship, and reflection.

Easter Sunday, April 16
9:00am | 5:00pm

Join us for special Easter service on ol at 9:00am or 5:00pm to celebrate Christ's resurrection and victory over death. Each week Redemption Hill Church gathers together for worship. At these gatherings you can expect times of singing and prayer, preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to connect with others in community. Come as you are, dressed as you like. You can expect to find a warm community and a safe place to ask questions. 

You can find information on our regular Sunday schedule here.

400 D St. SE
Washington, DC 20003



For our Good Friday, childcare for kids from 6 weeks old through preschool will be provided. Older kids will be asked to join the adults in the sanctuary for the entirety of the service. 

On Easter Sunday, we will provide childcare at our 9:00am and 5:00pm services for kids from 6 weeks old through preschool. At our 9:00am service, all kids ages Kindergarten through 5th grade join us for the first part of the service and are then dismissed for Kids Worship before the sermon. 6th graders and older join us throughout both services. Please see our Kids Worship page for more detail. 


Most street parking is free and has no time limit on Sundays. Signs that list a 2-hour time limit are generally restricted only Monday-Friday. You should be able to find parking within a few-block radius of the church building.

There are a few sections that are explicitly marked by red signs as “Zone 6 Resident Permit Parking Only”. These are not good places to park.


Both the BlueOrange, and Silver lines run through the Eastern Market Metro Station. As you arrive at the Eastern Market Station exit via the escalators and turn 180 degrees to walk toward the CVS at the corner of 7th St & D St SE and continue down D St SE. Ebenezer UMC is only three blocks down at 4th & D St SE.



90, 92, 93

  • Northbound - Exit at 8th & E St SE
  • Southbound - Exit at 8th & D St SE


  • Southbound only - Exit at Pennsylvania & 3rd St SE


  • Westbound - Exit at Pennsylvania & 5th St SE
  • Eastbound - Exit at Pennsylvania & North Carolina Ave SE

For a sample of the preaching, check out the sermons on this site.