Redemption Hill Church
In the city, for the city

Luke 23:26-43


Death, Pt 1 – Luke 23:26-43

April 9, 2017

Luke’s Gospel paints a unique portrait of Jesus as the Lord was paraded through Jerusalem. It was the same city as the previous Sunday, and many of the same people. On Sunday His destination was the Temple, but on Friday it was the place of the skull, to be exposed, mocked, hung on a cross, and killed alongside criminals. As we look at Luke 23:26-43 we will see the importance of Jesus’ interaction with a group of women mourning for him, with the leaders and the soldiers, and with the thieves killed alongside Him. We will also see the role Simon of Cyrene played in the storyline. This is an important Sunday. The crucifixion is at the very core of the Christian faith and the gospel itself.