Redemption Hill Church
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God Remembers

God Remembers - Genesis 6-9

July 20, 2014

Every summer we address core issues to reinforce our identity and mission as a community of God's people. This year we will work to re-establish our mission as a church in this city.

We like to talk about living missionally, but that term is losing its very meaning through overuse. What is the mission of the church? What does it mean for us to live missionally?

The clearest way to understand the mission of the church is to look more broadly at God's mission and work in His world, and to see how the church is connected. This can be done beautifully by looking at the major covenants throughout the Bible, which reveal the beautiful truths about who God is and the role His people play in His work.

In the second sermon in this series we move to the next major biblical covenant, Noah.