Redemption Hill Church
In the city, for the city

Mark 1:35-45 - Trey Herweck

When thinking about difficult times in the world, the Psalmist declared, "The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice!" Tough times often make us feel an array of emotions: fear, panic, anger, despair. But we who follow Jesus have an eternal hope – Our God Reigns Forever! This doesn't mean we withdraw. Rather, it means we can engage this world, but with joy rather than fear! Pastor Chris Bennett of Renewal Church in Memphis, TN shared this timely message for us. 


Destroying Cultural Barriers - Mark 1:35-45

November 13, 2016

Sometimes we miss things that we really need to hear and wrestle with because we label it, place it aside in our minds, and dismiss it. Jesus didn't do that. Instead, he entered into life with others around him, living out the kingdom in what he said and what he did. He is not only our savior, but our example. Pastor Trey Herweck of Refuge Church in St. Charles, MO joined us to share God's word.