Redemption Hill Church
In the city, for the city

Luke 14:1-11

In this passage Jesus responds to the question that nags at most of us: Will only a few be saved? While we were able to see last week that the Kingdom of God has small, seemingly insignificant beginnings, only to grow in size and in transformative ability, it is the same insignificance that raises the question of how such an important global issue could enter the world in such obscurity.

Humble Yourself - Luke 14:1-11

December 13, 2015

This passage details the third and final sabbath healing in Luke’s Gospel. It has the feel as if Jesus was being baited by the Pharisees into healing a man with dropsy. Jesus astutely watched the Pharisees as they jockeyed for position at the table for the meal. His response to observing them was to give an admonition to humility. This is hugely important. We spent time in this text and in Philippians 2 as we looked at the importance of humility in the community that is the church, the impact of pride and selfish ambition, and the ultimate source of true humility.