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There are many opportunities to grow at Redemption Hill. One aspect of discipleship is to grow in our knowledge and understanding of who God is. Our classes are one particular way to grow in the depth of our knowledge of Jesus and the gospel, and how the gospel applies into our lives. All of this is with the goal that we might be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:2).

Redemption Hill offers Core Classes, Electives, and occasional Seminars. 

Core Classes

Core Classes are an intentional progression of training for effective work in our city, whether someone is a new follower of Jesus, new to the church, or ready to dig deeper in their faith. As the name implies, these 6 classes represent the core of what it means to follow Jesus and engage in His work through His Church. Core Classes are open to anyone.  


Redemption Hill’s Foundations Class is a great opportunity for anyone to learn more about us – our history, vision, doctrine, core values, ministry philosophy, and structures. Attending the class doesn’t commit you to anything, but in order to become a covenant member of the church you must attend the full class. 

  • July 16 – 12:30-3:30pm | Starbucks, Upper Room, 237 Pennsylvania Ave SE 
  • Sept 17 – 12:30-3:30pm | Starbucks, Upper Room, 237 Pennsylvania Ave SE - RSVP here

Gospel-Centered Life

All of life is worship. Even as we eat and drink it should be to the glory of God. Gospel-Centered Life provides practical training and help in understanding what it looks like to live as a follower of Jesus in every aspect of life. This course is a philosophical and theological foundation for those that follow. 

  • April 9 – 12:30-3:30pm | Redemption Hill HQ, 920 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Basement 

Re-Thinking Spiritual Disciplines

Every Christian struggles with the basics of reading the Bible and praying, not to mention other personal disciplines. Re-Thinking Spiritual Disciplines is a practical training course to help people stir personal worship through gospel-saturated personal disciplines, especially how to read their Bibles and pray. 

  • March 6 – 7:00-9:00pm | Redemption Hill HQ, 920 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Basement

Gospel-Shaped Community

The Christian life is never merely personal engagement. It always includes a community of people in life together. As a community it is essential that we believe the right things and that the gospel shapes us. This course explores what a gospel-shaped community looks like and how it functions. 

  • February 26 – 12:30-3:30pm | Redemption Hill HQ, 920 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Basement 

Gospel-Driven Work

Following Jesus is deeply personal, but can never be private. Followers of Jesus have been called to Him and sent on His mission. Gospel-Driven Work is a course to train people to understand the implications of the gospel outwardly in life, from work life, to relationships, to evangelism itself. 

  • February 12 – 12:30-3:30pm | Redemption Hill HQ, 920 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Basement 

Community on Mission

Community on Mission assumes the foundation of all of the courses above, and builds on that foundation to equip leaders. This course is valuable to any member of Redemption Hill because it emphasizes the underlying structures and philosophy of ministry of the driving engine of all of Redemption Hill’s work, our Community Groups. Community on Mission is required for all Community Group Leaders.

  • March 19 – 12:30-3:30pm | Redemption Hill HQ, 920 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Basement

Elective Classes

As needs arise, Elective Studies may be offered for members and attenders of Redemption Hill. Examples of classes in this category include:

  • Studies of Biblical Books
  • Men’s or Women’s studies
  • Systematic Theology 
  • Moving Toward Marriage
  • Financial Peace University 
  • Book Studies 


From time to time seminars have been be offered to cover immediate cultural or theological issues. The seminar format incorporates dialogue to allow a variety of voices among church members, and to stir discussion among those in Redemption Hill.  Seminars help to provide a lens through which we can think about important issues. 
Examples of past seminars include:

  • The Gospel and Race
  • The Gospel and Work
  • Biblical Gender Roles
  • The Image of God 
  • Men's and Women's Conferences