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Kids Worship Renovation


Kids Worship Space Renovation

As we head into a new semester and new ministry year, we are excited about opportunities that are ahead for us. In June we cast vision that our church would explore what greater Rootedness will take as we work together to Reach DC and Reflect DC. An opportunity has come up that we believe moves us toward that goal, and it came up much sooner than we expected.

 Ebenezer has approved a proposal for Redemption Hill to renovate the upstairs children’s ministry space. We have been working to secure estimates and contracts for the project and now we are ready to move forward with it. Please watch the video announcement to hear all the details.

 The total cost for the renovation through completion of painting and finishing, and including the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, is around $40,000. 

  • If every Member contributes, that is $186 per member.

  • If people beyond our member rolls give, it is an achievable goal.

  • Anything over the $40,000 that is given will remain invested in our Opportunity Fund.

  • As you give, please mark your designation "Opportunity Fund" to help support this project. You can give online, through the RHC App, by sending a check to our PO Box, or at a Sunday Service. 

The project is scheduled to start on August 26. We will have no children’s ministry on September 1, which was already scheduled to be a Family Sunday anyway. Our hope is to regain at least some access by Sunday, September 8, and to have full access by September 15. We may need to be somewhat flexible along the way and will communicate on a weekly basis to let you know what to expect.

I hope you’re as excited by this project and opportunity as we are. It’s a chance to invest into our host church, Ebenezer, and to vastly improve the facility that our children use each and every week. I look forward to seeing how we can rally as a church to make it happen.

So, watch the video, check out the attached FAQ sheet. Help us out by praying, giving, and serving.