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Easter is the biggest celebration of the year for Christians. It is the celebration of the death of death in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sin and death have been forever defeated by Him! 

This year, Redemption Hill Church is going to take 8 weeks to be immersed in the end of Luke's Gospel. 

Join us at 9am or 5pm on starting March 12 as we follow the Passion narrative. 
400 D St SE on Capitol Hill


The Gospel, Race, and the Church

Our city and our nation are racially divided and broken. The Church has too often taken a back seat to the discussion or, worse, contributed to the divide. God’s Word is not silent on matters of ethnicity and human dignity. 

This series is designed to help Redemption Hill Church understand a biblical theology of ethnicity and human dignity, providing a foundation of shared language for the church to move forward in the pursuit of the opportunity to bring hope and healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people in our city.

Join us at 9am or 5pm on starting July 22 as we lean in together. 

July 22       Every Nation, Tribe, People, and Language
July 29       The Image and Likeness of God
August 5     One New Man
August 12   Diversity in the Early Church
August 19   Facing Our History
August 26   A Vision for DC

Pastor Doug Logan, Acts 29 Director of Diversity

Pastor Doug Logan, Acts 29 Director of Diversity

Pastor Bill Riedel

Pastor Bill Riedel

Pastor Chuy Rodriguez

Pastor Chuy Rodriguez


Also join us for the following opportunities:

All-Church Prayer Meeting - July 22 at 7pm
As we begin this series, we will take time to humbly pray. This will give us the chance to seek God's presence and voice as we pursue His will for what is ahead for Redemption Hill Church. 

Interview with Ebenezer UMC Trustees - August 19 at 3:30pm
Redemption Hill Church is privileged to meet in a historic church in DC. Since 1838 there has been a gospel presence at 400 D St SE. On August 19th Trustees of Ebenezer UMC will join us for an interview on the history of the church, as well as their experience of DC that has spanned decades. We are excited to have such deeply rooted residents join us, and to have the chance to call them friends. Watch the full interview here

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