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In the Ask Pastor Bill video series, Pastor Bill gives thoughtful answers to a variety of topics including theology, Christian living, distinctions of RHC, or culture. If you have a question within any of these topics, use the form below to submit it.

Christians & Dating

In this video, Pastor Bill shares some thoughts on what dating ought to look like for Christians.


Why does Redemption Hill Church celebrate communion every week?

Free Will & Sovereignty

Pastor Bill discusses the basics of our free will and God's sovereignty.



Pastor Bill explains what cessationism is and if Redemption Hill Church falls within its spectrum.

Tongues and Prophecy

Pastor Bill talks through tongues and prophecy in the church.


We begin a series of videos reviewing the list of elder qualifications. For the first video, Pastor Bill explores the gift of hospitality and how we as individuals and a church can be generous with our time, talents, and treasures with others in our city.



It's hard to stop listening to someone sharing gossip about someone else, but we hate to discover that others have been gossiping about us. How do we know when we're gossiping and why is it so devastating when we do? Pastor Bill explains.

Above Reproach

This video continues a series reviewing the list of elder qualifications. 1 Timothy 3:2 calls for an overseer to be "above reproach". What exactly does it mean to be "above reproach"? Does this mean Elders/Pastors shouldn't sin? Pastor Bill explains.

Genesis 6

Pastor Bill answers a question submitted by David about Genesis 6.


Sober Mindedness

There are 4 qualifications for Elders that specifically deal with self, or the character of the individual. Pastor Bill explains what they are and the importance of them to the role of Elder.

Women in the Church

We've been walking through qualifications for MEN leading in the church. A woman wrote in asking about what the Bible teaches about WOMEN leading or serving in the church, and what does Redemption Hill do to empower them?


Anna asked, "What is the RHC's position on homosexuality?" Pastor Bill explains Biblical sexuality and God's design for sex.



What is tithing? Are Christians required to give? How much should they give? Pastor Bill discusses generosity in this video of Ask Pastor Bill.

Preaching Through Books of the Bible

Why does Redemption Hill Church preach through books of the Bible? Pastor Bill discusses the benefits of expository preaching in this video.

Anointing with Oil

Allison asked, "Could you break down what anointing the home with oil does spiritually?" Pastor Bill explains the history of anointing with oil.


Sola Scriptura & Church Authority

Tim asked, “Was Sola Scriptura a doctrine legitimately recognized by the early church, and if so, is authority of scripture emphasized/implied within the Bible (over church authority)?”

The Roman Catholic Church

Francine asked, “How did Roman Catholicism start? How did that church come from the church we see in Acts?”

Eternal Security

Alicia asked, "What is RHC's position on the doctrine of eternal security?"