Redemption Hill Church
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Acts - Beginnings Preview

We are excited to share a preview for our new series out of the book of Ephesians that begins next Sunday! 
Join us at 9am or 5pm on January 8 as we seek to understand what it looks like to live as Citizens of this city while working to advance the glory of His kingdom. 
400 D St SE on Capitol Hill




It's New Year filled with potential for new beginnings, new opportunities and challenges, new life, and hope. Join us as we start a series at Redemption Hill Church!

The book of Acts details the first days of the early church, the beginning of God's movement to form a people for His glory from all the peoples of the earth. It shows how the Word of God advances and spreads in the most unlikely of ways, through the most unlikely people. As we begin a new year together, we will see new beginnings through Acts 1-7. 

This first section of Acts is vitally important for us today. It shows us what the Church was in its earliest days as God's Spirit moved in power in, among, and through God's people. It shows us how the call to follow Jesus works itself out in the face of massive pressure and opposition to the message of Jesus. It also shows us what it looks like to suffer for the sake of the gospel, and how to stand strong even in the face of overwhelming circumstances. 

Join us at 9am or 5pm on January 7 as we begin this new journey together. 

400 D St SE on Capitol Hill