Redemption Hill Church
In the city, for the city

Revelation 3:1-6

The One who has the fullness of God’s Spirit knows when we are faking life when there only spiritual death. Spiritual laziness, complacency, comfort, false security all lull us to sleep. The One who has the fullness of God’s Spirit calls us to wakefulness, watchfulness, and life. They stopped caring or trying.


Sardis – Revelation 3:1-6

July 9, 2017

Sardis was a well known city, maybe even the most storied city in the list. Jesus has nothing good to say about this church, though. He confronts them as the one who has the fullness of the Spirit of God and tells them that though they have a reputation of being alive, they are really dead. We might hope that this kind of church isn't around us today, but that is sadly not the case. It is easy for churches to be consumed with activity and have great reputations but still be spiritually dead. 

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